What do I need to be a digital entrepreneur?
will it be easy to be an entrepreneur in this new era?

Digital Entrepreneur

This is a theme that was very fashionable a short time ago and made “a lot of ink” run, using a term widely used in the golden times of the printing industry. Nowadays, it is used with a little bit of moderation and this is simply due to a simple factor: Dedication!

Without beautiful words, without “flourishes”, this is the truth at heart. If we want to be successful, in whatever business sector, we have to dedicate ourselves.

But in addition to dedication, we also need to have knowledge about the business area we want to enter. Does it make sense for a civil engineer to suddenly want to move into the digital marketing business area?

At first glance, it doesn’t make any sense, but why not? It may even be a long-standing hobby that the person in question has, and who actually happens to be very good at it. In the case of not having any knowledge, it is a matter of doing some training, getting one or another job initially, even if it is pro bono. In this way, you will be able to learn from your own mistakes, obviously making you aware of your difficulties and limitations.

This is just a small example, but in the end the logic is always the same.

Being a “digital entrepreneur” does not necessarily mean that you have to work on the internet. For example, in the case of a programmer, we may be talking about software development, games or specific applications. We may even be talking about creativity, graphics or graphic design. There are many opportunities to work in “digital”, and as is already known, the area of technologies is increasingly lacking in candidates, so digital is undoubtedly a sure investment for the future for those who want to guarantee employability.

Is it easy to be an entrepreneur? This is a topic that was previously discussed in the publication “Studies reveal that being an entrepreneur is harmful to health!

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