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ERP integration from PHC and WooCommerce

The Challenge

After two years of failed attempts by a competitor to integrate the client’s PHC with the doctors’ appointments and agenda, as well as the online store side of a WordPress-based website with WooCommerce, MaiDot came in just over 5 months to integrate the WordPress platform and the agendas of all doctors and technicians at the clinic.

The payment system of the online store based on WooCommerce and the PHC billing software, where it is possible for the customer to also have access to the entire purchase history and directly download the invoices online, which are associated with their personal account.

You can also consult your appointment history for all appointments you have had at the clinic.

The Client

Founded in 1998, Fisiogaspar is a clinic with a strong connection to sports physiotherapy. The first space, in Benfica, had only 90 m² of area. In 3 years, the project was gaining ground and the new facilities, in Laranjeiras, had 226 m².

Currently, Fisiogaspar is located at the intersection of Avenida Estados Unidos da América and Avenida Gago Coutinho, in Lisbon, with an area 10 times larger than the previous one.

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