Bebé Gourmet
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Ecommerce platform with specific purchase process

The Challenge

After failed attempts by other companies to develop the concept that replicated what Bebé Gourmet had already accustomed to its customers, MAIDOT entered the scene and accepted the challenge of making this development with a highly personalized ordering process and completely different from everything we have done so far.

It was a challenge where, in addition to having a whole buying process for different steps and with numerous rules and conditions, it also has the possibility to evolve into a production management ERP in the future, since it already allows all the insertion of information about all the ingredients that make up each of the meals sold, as well as all their nutritional information.

Also planning the weekly schedule can be worked on to automate availability in stores and speed up the process internally, saving a lot of time and automating everything to customers.

There is also the possibility of managing other stores associated with the master, thus creating a network of online multi-stores associated with a single platform that manages the entire network system.

The Client

Bebé Gourmet is dedicated to creating delicious, nutritious and varied meals with biological ingredients for babies and children, providing fathers and mothers with demanding and busy professional lives, with little availability, lack of creativity or skill for the kitchen, the possibility of giving your children a healthy diet!

Bebé Gourmet has had a steady and steady growth since its creation in 2012. Today, after these years, relativize the initial stress, the doubts and anxieties, the fears of failure and face the present with tranquility and the future with optimism!

There were many achievements and if they are where they are today, it is due to the wonderful team they have. They are all part of the success!

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