What your company should do on Facebook
Why shoud i worry about it?


Currently, social networks are ahead of news sites, portals and other entertainment channels, with Facebook being the largest social network.

These days there are thousands of accounts on various subjects. To be able to highlight a profile it is necessary to be different and unique.
Creating a page for your company is just the first step in a long way. Therefore, we have gathered 8 tips to help any business to improve its Facebook strategy.

1) What shoud i do?

Publishing only with your services, products or promotional campaigns is not enough to involve your audience. Asking questions is an excellent opportunity to start a conversation and thus increase the engagement and reach of publications.

2) Be a person

Nobody can identify with a machine, so don’t create automatic publications that are identical to other social networks. Each social network has its own way of communicating.

3) Emergency

Receiving a complaint or negative feedback should be seen as a better opportunity. To err is human and to admit the mistake, if that is the case, it is the first step to change the opinion of a client. Explain how the service works and how the customer may use it in the future.

4) Be active

Having a facebook page without content does not help your brand grow. Post interesting, fun, relevant and creative content.

5) Less is more

Three to five good publications a week are better than 15 general publications that do not convey anything new to the public.

6) Im in Facebook

Whether it is a digital signature, a flyer, a billboard or even a poster at your company’s reception, inform your customers that you are already on Facebook.

7) Analyze and improve

Through the data provided by Facebook, you can find out which publications, schedules, formats, etc., work best.

8) Facebook its not free

As indicated in the article “Ads on Facebook – Why should your company invest?”, Due to the functioning of this social network, even with the creation of good content, it will be necessary to invest to reach the target audience and create an active digital community and participatory.

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