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Integration with NAV and Ecommerce B2C, B2B and B2B2C


Having already tried, without success, to develop the three online stores integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV fully connected, both synchronously and asynchronously, in both directions, during a period of almost 3 years, the challenge was undoubtedly great!

MAIDOT embraced it, being one of the most complex ERP integration projects with an online store ever developed by the company so far.

After about 5 months of development of all the integrations and another 5 months of testing and fine-tuning, the entire integration was completed, with the creation of 3 different stores and although there are confidential points that cannot be revealed, some of the points that are public and that have been integrated are: different price ranges by site and by type of customer, promotions by site, stocks by store and by site, synchronization of online sales, ability to create different rules for discounts and campaigns, search intelligent tool based on ElasticSearch.

For the three platforms, WordPress with WooCommerce was used.


Americana is one of the largest stationery stores in the country, operating as a retailer, stockist and distributor. They supply not only the end customer, but also stationery stores, fine arts and DIY stores. Additionally, they supply companies from the most varied areas and sizes in all their needs.

Its product portfolio covers not only stationery but also office supplies, school supplies, fine art, DIY, toys, books, seasonal items, computers, tobacco and much more. They also have specialized copy centers in several of their stores.

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