Gravity Proportion
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Certified online training for companies

The Challenge

Create a platform that would enable a specific training company to provide their independently manageable online training for each company its trainees and manage them and their certificates.

The platform allows the issuance of certificates validated by DGERT so that companies can automatically download the certificates of all their employees who participated in the training, as well as allowing each person to download their certificates.

The management of all training, the creation of new types of trainings and the entire management of business or individual users is carried out in a very complete Backoffice, simple to operate and with multiple interconnections and confidential automations, specific to help and speed up the entire process of managing the training and results, all automated.

The Client

Gravity Proportion has accredited trainers, properly trained and motivated to carry out the best training and be able to offer a lot to any entity that hires them, a result of excellence and properly trained and accredited professionals.

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