What is custom web development? (Part 1)
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Sometimes we hear about a project that has achieved great success, has a large user base, investment rounds of millions and some people think: I can replicate a platform like this at a low cost! In many cases, when we receive a quote request for a copy platform of an already successful concept, experience tells us from the beginning who is requesting the profile and the idea of what I mentioned above.

This, of course, within a certain context in which these budget requests appear. As an example, a case that has happened to us more than once, requests the creation of projects similar to OLX. Now, at first glance, when you visit these types of sites, they are simply a site for placing ads. The complexity comes when we start to deepen all the resources. It is precisely here that the case becomes more serious.

Necessary requirements: this is the word that you must memorize if you want to proceed with any type of personalized web development. Without these requirements, which may also appear in the Public Notice, in the company that will respond to a budget request for something with some kind of more relative complexity. A simple institutional website, a simple page or even a more basic online store is easy to budget. For something tailored, it is always necessary to have great detail in all the features that you want to have. But that will be the theme for another future publication, continuing this theme and further deepening this issue.

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