The ideal website for your business
which is ideal for your business?

Types of websites

These days, if your business is not on the Internet, you are losing customers. With Internet access available anywhere and through any device (mobile phone, tablet, computer), websites are the first “places” that anyone will look for information quickly.

If in the past most sites were static and only with text and some images, currently there are several types of sites. If you are thinking about creating or updating your business website, you must first understand what type of website best fits your brand. See what different types of sites you can have:

– Institutional
This type of website is the most used by companies, it is like the online business card. Simple, static, and with few pages: About Us, Services and Products, Contacts, Testimonials.
These sites are ideal for companies that want to be present in the virtual world, but who do not want to produce content online. It will be possible to present your company to customers who know of its existence. However, it is a weak site for attracting new customers through search engines, as it is a site that is not updated regularly. Of course, you can always bring new customers to your site through investment in ads (Google Adwords for example).

– Dynamic website

Unlike the Institutional website, with this website you will have an area where you can update information (blog). Additionally, you will have access to an easy-to-use administrative panel to be able to make all necessary changes. With this type of website, your company will need to invest in content creation and SEO. For more information on blogging, you can check out our article on Corporate blogging for your business.

– Online Store (eCommerce)
This type of website aims to sell products online. For those who do not have a physical store and want to start a business, or just want to expand their business, this is the type of website to choose. Through an online store it will be possible to see products, order, make electronic payment and receive at home what you want.
However, we warn that for this type of site it will be necessary to provide enough time, as it will be necessary to regularly update products and their descriptions, prices, promotions, etc.

– Site one-page
The main feature of this site is that the information is only on one page .. Due to this situation, it has an excellent operation on mobile as it does not need much time to load. Simple, original and intuitive, they are ideal sites for companies with a young target audience.

– Blogs
It is true that we have already mentioned blogs before on dynamic websites, however a blog can be a website. They are usually written by one person and updated every day with news on one or more subjects. Increasingly in number and with a huge network of followers, “personal” blogs are gaining a greater influence on consumer opinion.

And now, which is best for your business?
In addition to your object, to answer that question, it will also be necessary to take into account other factors whatever the site you want to have:
– Easy-to-manage administrative panel;
– Easy integration with social networks;
– Audiovisual resources: videos, slides, presentations, images, infographics;
– Target Audience;

If you still have doubts, just contact us and we are here to help you. With a team specialized in web development, programming, digital marketing and web design, together we create the ideal website for the success of your business.

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