Six reasons why you should have an App
you probably don't even know you need

Have an APP

Yes, we know it is in fashion. But beyond that, is it really worth creating an App dedicated to your business? Here are six reasons to think about it.

1 – Visibility to customers

A study by ERC, in relation to the consumption of news on the internet, shows that 51% of the Portuguese use the smartphone to access the internet, and 19% the tablet. Being present can mean an advantage for your company, since our mind unconsciously remembers images (like an app icon) when it touches the phone or tablet.

2 – Perception of service

A company with a dedicated App will be, for customers, a company that is attuned to their needs and adds a touch of relevance and currentness to your business.

3 – Creating added value

You can take advantage and enable your customers to earn bonuses, such as exclusive offers, through your mobile application. This gives value to customers and also to your company.

4 – Customer knowledge

Through an App, you can find out who your customers are. Ages, location, interests and everything else can make a difference when it comes to personalizing the service.

5 – Increased convenience

Make your application convenient for your audience. People don’t like to search for information too much. Facilitate access to your products and services through the App

6- Communication with customers

Your dedicated mobile application can serve as a more direct contact with your customers and potential customers. A messaging service allows you to respond quickly to needs.


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