Ecommerce & Website

Total renovation of the Catholic publishing house Paulinas

The Challenge

With an old website, developed to measure several years ago, not adaptable to mobile devices and highly conditioned to evolution due to its lack of flexibility, its renewal became imperative in order to be able to offer something modern and with new features.

Now, it is possible to have many remarketing strategies with the automation of offers and strategies to win back customers. It is also possible to create workflows manually with the possible combination of hundreds of scenarios.

In addition to being able to customize multiple contents, send newsletters and manage subscriber lists, all through the same platform, they can also create packs of many products and customize multiple aspects of the sales cycle and method.

The Client

The Paulines are a Catholic publisher at the service of the Gospel and the human person, a believer in the opportunity that represents cultural dialogue and intervention in the present.

The contents and products they produce aim to contribute to the integral growth of the person, preparing men and women not only to live passionately in the present, but also to wisely inspire the future.

They try to be a prophetic voice, listening to the signs of the Spirit in time and proposing evangelical paths, through the publication of books, multimedia and promotional activities.

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