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The Challenge

The aim would be to offer something completely different and innovative worldwide. A platform where people could create their own tours.

To this end, the platform allows vehicles to be inserted that company has, the price per km of each, maintenance costs, personnel costs, make all necessary calculations to record all costs that the company has, even with the registration of FSE (Supplies and External Services) therefore being an authentic customized ERP, where even the data of costs with HR (Human Resources) would be registered.

Each point of interest to visit has an assigned value and a specific duration of each visit, including other confidential variables that have an impact on the calculation of the final price. When choosing points of interest, depending on the company’s opening hours, other days are also automatically created if the total time between trips and visits at each point of interest exceeds the total working time during that day.

There are different connections with Google to base the travel calculations in between other AI (Artificial Intelligence) processes.

The final calculation is based on an algorithm designed by the MaiDot management team where a profit margin is then determined for each tour and / or for each point of interest separately, or as a whole, which also considers the calculation of commissions for commercials that eventually manage to close deals for the company.

The platform also allows “tour packages” to be created, just like any other tour sales platform.

The Client

Still in the process of structuring and planning before officially starting. More Informations soon.

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