CRM & Website

Multiple platforms for APAN association

The Challenge

Restructure the entire image of all APAN online platforms, the main one having to allow the creation of events, management of members, management of the “knowledge base” being able to control files and restrict access to different areas to registered users, with the possibility of pre-registration based on associated companies (since only those companies can request pre-registration) with subsequent approval.

Also for APAN, the APAN Academy platform was created, where it is possible to insert the Academy’s courses, consult the calendar of future courses, online registration in any course, pay online the participation in the course with the value attributed to the user depending on whether or not he is an APAN member, management of participants in each course to make it impossible to register too many participants.

However, multiple other micro-sites were also created, either for specific events or for the dissemination of studies carried out by the association.

The Client

APAN is an association with legal personality and non-profit, whose specific objective is to defend, safeguard and promote the interests of its members in all aspects related to commercial communication.

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