MultiOpticas Platform

The Challenge

The customer wanted a platform through which he could sell products to current customers of physical stores, but above all, where he could manage customers online and physical stores, with sending campaigns using remarketing strategies, by SMS and email.

The solution found went through an integration between the billing software used in stores, directly with the online store, closed and exclusive to MultiOpticas customers, so that they had access to the entire history of consultations, exam results, purchases, download of invoices , etc.

In terms of remarketing strategies, a system developed tailor-made for the business was thought up, which promoted impulse buying, offering X discounts for 24 hours or less, for customers who had bought in stores or online, for example, a pack of 30 daily lenses, receiving this offer 25 days after they bought it, as the product was supposed to be about to finish. This and many other strategies were then implemented on the platform to enhance customer retention.

The Client

MultiOpticas is part of the largest worldwide structure in the optical sector, with MultiOpticas being one of the oldest franchising chains in Portugal.

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