Market Place: 2nd hand concept, Economy and Sustainability
2nd hand concept, Economy and Sustainability

Market Place

For different reasons, I have visited Holland multiple times in the past 12 months. And I have seen the enormous dynamics that the market for all types of second-hand objects that exists in that country. The market places are numerous, some even “specialized” in certain themes / objects / materials. I met some people who said that and guaranteed that they had not bought objects, clothing, furniture, machinery, vehicles, etc. for a few years. in first hand. In other words, there is a second-hand concept that is absolutely rooted, uncomplicated and that works well. Creating savings, savings, efficiencies, creating some jobs with the numerous existing second-hand stores, and definitely contributing to overall sustainability. I was truly impressed, and I hope to be an example to follow, not unfortunately perhaps for my generation, but for the younger and subsequent generations. Because it makes sense, because making materials and products useless by throwing them into the trash with a useful life will be inefficient, because it is economical, because it is more ecological, because it promotes sustainability. May we all adopt these behaviors.

Precisely within this concept, MAIDOT recently developed the Kitanda Virtual platform for a client in Angola, whose purpose is to invest online and make this the next “OLX” platform in that same market, since it stopped operating in the Angolan market. Our client immediately seized the opportunity and just 2 months ago spoke to us for the development of this platform, which was created in record time so that the go to market could happen as quickly as possible. It will be made official on the 4th of November and will count on a considerable investment that combines online communication with guerrilla marketing strategies and traditional means, making a large investment. More news about this project very soon.

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