MAIDOT team intends to get AI to speak for itself
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AI, Call Center and CRM

With the launch of the new image of MAIDOT, we want to reveal something that we have been working on for some time.

It all started with a flaw detected by one of the founders of MAIDOT in most companies for more than a decade and which has been constantly verified. The truth is that, even for companies that are concerned with using CRM, few are able to make a “perfect” follow-up of all customer records and follow-up.

Because it is precisely with this in mind that the team has been working internally, to be able to answer this problem, using Artificial Intelligence.

Since the process is still in a phase where it does not allow the disclosure of details, we only have to reveal some key points of the process. The aim is to train a system, making use of the resources of a large company worldwide for such use, so that it can carry out an autonomous follow-up (the famous follow-ups in CRMs) for customers, depending on many factors they will do with that the system decides not only what to say, but when, how to approach and even reschedule future contacts or even send emails automatically and assign tasks internally.

Of course, it will always require the accompaniment of someone, especially at an early stage, so that it is always possible to speak directly to a human person in an almost instantaneous way, however the intention will be that the system learns enough in the “training” phase doing for such use. “one of the biggest names in the world”.

As soon as it is opportune, we will release more news in this regard. It is a matter of keeping an eye out.

(article in development)

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