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New Design LinkedIn

Launched on January 19th, only in the last few days have we had access to the new LinkedIn design for the Desktop version. And for now we have nothing against it.

With millions of members, LinkedIn is the social network most used by professionals and one of the most used together with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in Portugal. Like all social networks, this one has also undergone some changes over the years. However, according to the official LinkedIn blog, this was the most significant change since its launch.

With a simpler and Facebook-like navigation, the main changes were in the layout of the feed, the navigation bar, the messaging system and new search features.

Usability and Design
They joined the useful with the pleasant. Through the navigation bar, the desktop version of LinkedIn has significantly improved the way it makes all options available.
Most relevant feed
As in other social networks, the LinkedIn feed has been changed in order to show the most relevant content for the respective user.

Search facility
With the new layout it is possible to search for people, vacancies, companies, groups and educational institutions. Together with the filter, it will be easier and faster to find what you want.
Messaging System

Perhaps it is the most similar novelty to Facebook. With the option to send messages in real time, through a chat, it is already possible to start conversations from any page, without the need to access the page of the respective messaging service.

Watch the video below from LinkedIn itself with a summary of these changes and don’t forget to follow Maidot’s LinkedIn:

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