Email marketing for companies - why use it?
after all what is email marketing?


When used well, email marketing is one of the most powerful digital tools. With better cost effectiveness and greater return, with greater capacity to generate quality traffic, on average, an email marketing campaign has an ROI of 4500%. So, since it is a good digital practice, we have gathered 5 reasons why you should start or re-use it in your digital strategy.

1) Reach
95% of internet users use e-mail. 91% check the email at least once a day. Therefore, even though 30% is filtered for spam, the remaining 70% continues to be delivered. Just make small accounts to conclude that through this tool you can communicate with a lot of people.

2) Life cycle
The e-mail does not “die”, it needs someone to delete it. Even if you stay in the subscriber’s inbox for sometime, you will always need to take action to end its life cycle.

3) Metrics
E-mail marketing offers a set of concrete metrics that make it possible to measure results universally, such as: delivery rate, open rate, click rate, etc.

4) Inclusion
One of its strengths is the ease with which it integrates with any other digital medium. From social networks, search engine, display advertising, everything is possible to connect to a good campaign.

5) Segmentation
Through a platform, you can send personalized messages to a group of thousands of subscribers. Through good segmentation it is possible to send different content to different groups of people, based on their interests or behaviors.

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