Do you know how much you can earn with a CRM?
the power of an acronym


CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is certainly a term that you have heard countless times and even read about, especially if you work in a large company.

Today’s information is more than a lot. Many publications, many tools, a lot of knowledge online. Available to everyone, but the louder the noise, the less we hear and the same goes for too much information.

The fact that there is a lot of information does not mean that we are well informed and, even worse, it does not mean that we know our customers well. This is where good use of a CRM begins to come in, however simple it may be.

Pode-se chamar de CRM, uma simples base de dados de clientes onde registamos os seus dados, o que lhes enviámos, os seus gostos, as propostas e pouco mais. Aliás, é possível termos um CRM básico através de folhas de excel, com algumas formulas à mistura. Mas para quê inventar com o excel se já existem tantas ferramentas gratuitas que são verdadeiros CRMs e que nos permitem fazer uma gestão dessa nossa base de dados de clientes e oportunidades de negócio?

The value of using a good CRM correctly is invaluable. If you are not yet convinced, here are just a few of the most basic points you can achieve when using a good CRM:

  • Automatic capture of leads from a website / micro page;
  • Categorization of customers with the registration of all information related to them;
  • Quick and easy filtering of clients for sending newsletters based on business segments, turnover volume, personal preferences, etc;
  • Automated contacts (email, sms or even telephone calls with automatic recorded messages) where it is possible, for example, to reach a customer to whom we submitted a proposal 1 month ago but who has not yet responded and the system automatically sends a message to that customer;
  • Obtaining statistical data on the business segments in which the company has the highest revenue, thus being able to try new business within these areas;
  • Greater customer satisfaction (3 out of 4 customers say they are back to work with a company because they felt a good experience as customers);
  • Greater financial return.

Based on this, it becomes obvious that for any business, a CRM is a crucial tool to be able to organize all the information and offer the best possible experience to its customers, leaving them satisfied and retaining them.

So, whether it is a small company, medium or large, and even for an individual worker who has started business and wants to start keeping a record of their customers, we can help you set up a CRM or adapt a CRM to your business. Talk to us today.

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