Digital Good Practices
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Digital marketing

If in the past small and medium-sized companies were able to promote their services / products through traditional marketing campaigns, at the moment to be able to be ahead of the competition, they need to develop strategies in digital marketing.

Many SMEs have already understood the importance of being present in the digital world. In addition to being more accessible than offline marketing, since a social media campaign is more economical than a TV ad and can reach a larger audience, it is also easier to access the results.

Through our vast experience in working with SMEs, we have gathered 10 good digital practices that many of these companies have already adopted to increase their sales and relate to their customers:

1) They choose to hire companies specialized in digital marketing;

2) They have the type of website that is ideal for your business and adaptable to mobile devices;

3) They are only present on the social networks that are most likely to increase your business;

4) Develop a strategy for social networks;

5) They communicate on social networks in a professional manner, avoiding spelling errors, lack of punctuation and low quality images;

6) They invest in both organic traffic and paid traffic (Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, etc.);

7) They understand the importance of using analysis tools (Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, etc.);

8) They realize the importance of a business blog and develop original content for that space;

9) They use email marketing campaigns to promote their services;

10) They create a uniform visual language for all communication, both offline and online.

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