WP + WooCommerce + Android + iOS
for more effective internal management

360º integration

Development of a WordPress platform and two applications, Android and iOS. These applications are for the exclusive internal use of company employees and franchisees, communicating securely with the platform and integrating with an online store based on WooCommerce.

The platform is already prepared to integrate with billing software and in each application we carry out secure communications based on keys automatically generated on the platform with SSL.

The applications have functionalities for listing and operations on the platform, so is able to work offline communicating later with the platform as soon as the mobile phone can capture internet access, this communication being practically instantaneous since they are always highly compressed communications that consume few Kb of bandwidth.

On the platform side there are many services that include and generating PDF purchase certificates, without resorting to external services as everything is generated internally on the platform. It also has a stock management system, non-standard and unique in the sector in question, because it was developed literally to the needs of the customer, and the integration with WooCommerce was 100% guaranteed.

Using DOMPDF, whose design is 100% HTML and CSS3, we were able to generate certificates online and make them available in the API, providing a unique and personalized result to each client.

On the platform, there is also the possibility for each franchisee to have access as well as their employees, so that each entity can individually manage their certificates, their pages and employees.

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