ReactJS & C# platform for risk management and compliance
different artificial intelligence processes

ReactJS & C#

Currently, there are several ways to use automatisms and different algorithms to make our day-to-day life easier. From ways to speed up studies, data analysis, even to save us time in routine work processes.

However, little has been done to try to apply these artificial intelligence methods to combat corruption worldwide. This is where this project comes in and with a lot of conviction!

The ultimate goal is to be able to prove, through numbers, that the fight against corruption is actually good for everyone – including those who are currently corrupt!

In fact, it is statistically proven that if everything is done correctly, an economy functions more fully, poverty can be fought and even practically eradicated, and in this sense money flows more and even large companies end up winning. , because in a rich economy, having more money in circulation means that everyone can take advantage of it.

The purpose of this project obviously goes beyond trying to prove a theory with practice, it aims to be able to offer a tool to simplify and improve this process, no less than worldwide!

The pre-development process of this platform involved a large investment in the study of the design and analysis of different logical methods so that, when the development starts, it could count on the information properly organized and thought out and could, in this way, be more fluid and more quickly, thus avoiding a developed base that did not meet the real needs.

The platform has simple processes such as online training (e-learning) that are even automatically suggested based on the results of potential risks in an organization, to more complex factors that go through the early warning of possible compliance risks and ethical risks, thus helping to prevent potential corruption within an organization, whether public or private.

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