PHC integration with WooCommerce
All billing, scheduling and more

WP + WooCommerce <> PHC

WordPress-based platform, online store based on WooCommerce, with online appointments made to measure and all integrated with a PHC Business system.

All communications are made on 2 separate remote servers using the TLS protocol.

Custom WordPress plugins were created by MAIDOT, which deal with synchronizations between WooCommerce and PHC.

All crucial synchronizations for the correct functioning of the system (Platform + PHC) are carried out in real time without using asynchronous or timed methods. Through an API on the Platform and Stored (Stored SQL Procedures) in the PHC Server database, necessary communications are made to ensure that a complex system is running at 100%, with an almost instantaneous response speed.

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    MAIDOT website CSS Winner Award for Nominee and Site Of The Day