NAV integration with WooCommerce B2B, B2C and B2B2C
full and complex integration

NAV <> WooCommerce

This was one of the most challenging integration projects MAIDOT has undertaken to date.

So complex that for almost 3 years other companies tried but without success.

The concept here was to develop three distinct platforms but all integrated with ERP NAV. This integration aimed at several complexities ranging from the simple synchronization of stocks to the loading of all product information.

Of all the tasks carried out, some of them are confidential for strategic business reasons, however we can disclose those that are publicly visible in some way, such as:

  1. Synchronization of online sales with NAV
  2. Synchronization, between all stores and the NAV, of all stocks at all times
  3. Import from NAV of new products, new categories, characteristics, etc.
  4. Separation of products depending on the website for which it is intended
  5. Synchronization of multiple pricing rules for different sites and multiple types of users with specific prices
  6. Ability to create highly complex campaigns with dynamic pricing overlaying other existing promotions, offers, etc.
  7. Complete information of the entire customer account history, synchronized with the information in the NAV
  8. Automatic alerts in different scenarios
  9. Use of different Artificial Intelligence methods for suggesting campaigns, prices, improving stock management, thus allowing the reduction of dead stock, cutting internal costs and thus translating into better efficiency of internal management and ultimately greater profit margin

Currently, with this project, new developments continue, namely with regard to the automatisms designed and a continuous improvement of integrations.

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