MS Navision with Custom Remote Reader
integration for bilateral communication

MS Navision <> PDA

A very challenging project for MAIDOT, which involved creating in partnership with a hardware creator company to develop equipment as it was quite resistant to both drops and dust and water, with a minimum requirement to respect the IP66 standard, which includes barcode reader, SIM card module with communication via GSM and GPRS, GPS module for capturing latitude and longitude, capacitive touch AMOLED screen, 13Mpx rear camera and operating system Custom Android.

The main objective of the system was to eliminate a manual process of registering counts in residential and business meters, which were being kept in a manual process, to later be registered in the system in an office environment, so that there is always room for error and there is duplication of work.

In order to eliminate both the amount of errors and duplication of work, and taking the opportunity to optimize many other processes, the following points were considered:

  1. Using stickers already present in the readers present in homes and businesses, an instant reading was carried out with the barcode reader, basically is being immediately associated with the registration of that count
  2. Using the equipment’s camera, it is also possible to automatically record the count without having to manually enter
  3. The equipment has a digital system for document signatures (thus avoiding that they have to be printed)
  4. Through the APP, it makes it possible to digitize documents (without having to always use scanners), thus making this registration in the system automatically as soon as the scan is done with the equipment’s camera.
  5. Possibility of very basic and quick registration of notes in the APP with only 3 basic fields (Note, Date and Time) so that note would generate an alert for the user and he could reschedule that alert (snooze style), cancel or mark as completed (instead of walking with post-its)
  6. Creation of periodic newsletters with information (either internal or for customers) that are then presented in a specific section within the APP
  7. Option to report specific situations with indication of your location (through the geolocation obtained via the GPS module)
  8. Shareable alerts and added to the calendar
  9. Integration between the APP and the company’s check-in and check-out
  10. Access to mechanographic data and possibility to update these
  11. Vacation schedule and possibility to request changes / bookings
  12. Area for internal communications (chat style) through the different equipment, in highly encrypted form
  13. Voting for internal ideas
  14. Gamification of work (a method that cannot be more detailed, in view of the patented formula that was created in partnership with the client, and basically aims to give “virtual prizes” to those who perform certain types of tasks or complete certain tasks in x time, etc.)
  15. Access to partner contacts

Communications are always performed bilaterally between the existing Microsoft Navision system and the Android device.

(technical layout and more details available soon)

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