Custom equipment for auction houses
real-time integration

Presencial <> Online

The main objective of this project developed to measure was related to the fact that the customer has a need to create auctions in person that were automatically with bids registered on a platform, based on physical equipment that each customer had access to in order to enter their bids in a very simple way, with large buttons that had a numeric keypad and 2 other buttons, one to automatically raise the bid in X value or percentage (the customer defined at the beginning) and another to send the bid entered manually with the numeric keypad.

This equipment is then associated with the account of that customer, who can consult his entire bidding history and what the result of that auction.

The platform then has formulas created to measure for the client, which are confidential in their processing logic, but which in short involves automated and highly targeted communication with clients, so this is making them aware of future auctions, existing opportunities for immediate purchase, special offers and much more, always based on a recognition and adaptive system using Artificial Intelligence that automatically adjusts to each customer profile in order to better fit all communications and even being able to suggest, at a later stage, which direction the company should take based on different customer profiles.

In short, these are some of the points that the platform contains:


  • Online Auction w / Product Photos
  • Customer Account with Full History Whether Face-to-Face or Online and Invoice Inquiries
  • Online Payment Options
  • Multiple Languages


  • Different Types of Auctions (Online and / or Offline)
  • Individual Products and Categories
  • Automatic Export to Promoting Entities
  • All Past Auction History
  • Different Types of Predefined Emails
  • Invoicing System Integration
  • Details of Each Auction Updated on Multiple Screens in Real Time (On-site at the Company)
  • Management of Current Auctions and Participants
  • Statistical Data and Various Reports


(technical layout and more details available soon)

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