Connection between WooCommerce and Primavera
invoices, stocks, products, customers, etc.

WP + WooCommerce <> Primavera

Integration between a Primavera installation on a local server at the customer’s premises.

All Stock management is carried out on the side of Primavera and later replicated in the online store, in WooCommerce, without human intervention, with asynchronous synchronization. When any change in the Primavera product, an immediate synchronization call to a “Middleware” on the customer’s server is made for the new customized platform.

A local C # program (“MiddleWare”) was used to make the communications between the ERP Primavera Business Engine and the client’s platform.

In turn, this program makes a series of calls to a REST API created in PHP to make the necessary integrations between Primavera and the WooComerce system.

The platform contains multiple elements dedicated to the specific needs of customers and goes far beyond a simple Online Store. From a purchase at a Spring POS at the customer’s premises (Local Server) to the updating of stock at the online store (Remote) lies the true value of this solution, articulating the entire process in a “seamless” way.

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