5 ways to update your website
We must always stay on the crest of the wave

Updated Website

Whether you like it or not, the world of technology continues to accelerate. It is not just technologies that change quickly. These changes are happening faster and faster. We can observe the world of video games, the world of smartphones, the world of social networks … everything is changing at an ever increasing rate. So it should come as no surprise that the technology to use on a website is also evolving faster and faster.

Since your website is one of the most powerful marketing tools, it is a good practice to update it from time to time. Here are the top 5 reasons for doing so:

1. Mobile Compability

Recent statistics indicate that around 60% of all online traffic is generated by mobile devices and the rate at which this percentage increases is increasing. Users of mobile devices usually have slow internet connections, so it is important to provide them with a quick and intuitive website. If yours was also not designed for this type of devices, the user will have difficulty reading the content and, in certain cases, may be unable to access all features. These users will quickly give up on browsing your website.

2. Modern Design

If your website was designed more than 5 years ago, it is certainly out of date. Since these platforms are a powerful marketing tool, it is essential that you present yourself to your customers and potential partners. An old website may not deliver the best message.

3. Website Performance

Performance refers mainly to the speed with which the website loads. This is important for two reasons: First. Internet users are impatient. And as previously indicated, with the increase in users of mobile devices, it is also necessary to take into account weak internet connections and limited ceilings. A user in a hurry will not expect what the site will load and this may leave a bad impression for potential customers. Second. Our friend Google. Simply put, this search engine prefers sites that load quickly since this is part of a good user experience that they want to provide to users. Google puts fast sites ahead. So if your site is slow, it may never appear on the first search pages.

4. Social Media

Google’s latest update to its search algorithm (the formula used to rank websites) has undergone a drastic change, targeting social network “signals”. Keywords and internal links are still important, but not as important as before. If the site has too many keywords or meta-tags, this can have a negative impact. Google has become much more effective at interpreting the nature of the content on your site as well as what is written on social media. One of the best strategies to achieve a high ranking is to add a blog to the site and publish the links of the posts on the various social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google +…). It is an excellent way to produce new content on your website and establish yourself as an expert in your area while generating some interaction on social networks. You may feel like you don’t have time for a blog, but the competition may have, and their ranking on Google will go up and take away potential customers.

5. Competition

On the internet, businesses, partners and customers compete. If you still pay to have a spot on the Yellow Pages, stop. Not worth it. Your competitors are fighting for those who search for your products or services on the internet. The great part is in search engines but, more and more searches are made through social networks. Look at it this way: if you already have a good position in the search engines, the competition is looking for ways to get ahead and will not stop until you succeed. If it is not so well positioned, it may be a good time to invest in that positioning. The beauty of a new website is that it provides a great return on investment to promote your business and may well be one of the best investments at this time. Now that you know why you should update your site, just contact MaiDot to see together how we can improve your business.

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