5 tips for your website
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Tips for your website

There are customers who may not realize it but the design of your online store can have a direct effect on sales. Even a small change can improve or worsen the amount of sales and for that, it helps to have a perspective similar to that of your customers. You may want an intuitive purchase process but with the design of your website this may not happen.

Here are 5 tips on how to turn visitors to your site into customers.

Have the shopping cart visible

If the customer adds a product to the cart, your store should have an area with the number of items the customer has added and other relevant information for purchase and checkout. No matter where and when the customer decides to finish the purchase, it is important to have a link to the checkout page. Contrasting colors are a good way to highlight the stroller.

Optimize the add item buttons

As in the previous point, colors are an important design element. In this case, buttons with colors that are too strong can keep your customers away. The add to cart button can say “more details”, but studies indicate that a direct call, like “buy now”, gets better results.

Keep pages clean

The organization of the products on your website is essential to lead your potential customers to a purchase. For example, what opinions about products are located in which part of your page? They are important but they should not be the first thing the customer sees. And remember, too much information leads to confusion. The first element must be an image of the product, along with the name, description and price, to get the customer’s attention.

Clarify the menus

Too many categories can lead to frustration on the part of the customer. Avoid congestion in sub-menus and opt for simple and practical elements for those who use your website. As an example, add a “continue shopping” button after the customer adds items to the cart, to get back to shopping and product pages as soon as possible.

Eliminate distractions

When your customer finalizes their purchase, you want them to go in a certain direction. When designing the checkout page, you must remove the menu bar to take you to the purchase goal. Ignore the desire to continue selling more products, because every second, from arrival at the site to the sale, is precious to ensure your goal. By simplifying the checkout page, it makes it easier for the customer to sell. If you can do everything on an intuitive page, where the customer adds an address and a credit or debit card, he ensures that the customer is satisfied and returns in the future.

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